Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Fun and All That

I love Fall. I absolutely have loved this fall. I have loved the brilliant colors, how long the colors are lasting, how warm it has been, all the sunshine, I have loved seeing the layers of leaves forming just underneath the trees.
My son is also in love with fall. Yesterday he played outside for 3 hours. For 3 hours non-stop. Running from leaf pile to leaf pile. Jumping into the leaves, laying in the leaves, covering himself up and hiding in the leaves, throwing the leaves in the air as he runs. He ran between the two willow trees in the yard playing a sort of tag with me and the tree branches. He played in his sand box. He rode his trike and his big wheel. We drew with the sidewalk chalk. He climbed on the "to be chopped" wood pile. He played in the Teepee.
He played with the dogs. The dogs love to play with old (rinsed out) milk containers, the plastic ones. Colton was able to get a hold of the milk container and the dogs chased him around the yard for while and would tackle him and reclaim the container. Then vice versa.
He was having a great time, so a pulled a few weeds, poured a cup of coffee, and caught a page or 2 of my booked. I made a point of seeking his whereabouts after every page. after page 3 I didn't see Colton. I walked around to the Teepee to look for him. And there he was. Down on his knees with the milk container to his lips and his head tilt back, drinking from the milk container. This grossed me out almost as much as on Saturday when he had both hands in the toilet playing with a cup. I can only hope he didn't drink that.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We are entering into a new phase in the Perfect household. Now when you ask Colton a question he will answer you with either a yes or no. Even if it doesn't necessarily require a yes or no answer.
"Can you say Granny?"
"Did you poopie?", This always gets a NO.
So today as I was getting ready to leave for work I asked Colton, "Would you like to go outside and play?"
"Yes". (Of coarse.)
Then he went into his room and brought me out his shoes and sweatshirt. I do believe my mouth dropped to the floor. He perfectly understood what going outside meant. Not just in words, not just go out the door, he knew the requirements.
This just keeps getting!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My little guy is a happy camper! He loves it.
I was a little worried about camping and his new found mobility. I was concerned for myself actually. Chasing a 16month old all over a campground. How in the world was I suppose to relax, enjoy camping, have a few adult beverages?
Let me tell you, non of that matters when you see the joy and excitement on your kiddo's face. Total and pure delight.
He actually never strayed far from his momma. He wanted to make sure I saw it just as he was. He loved playing with our bikes, we had to lay them down so that they wouldn't lay him down. He wanted to play with all the happenings of our camper, the crank, the wheels, the doors. Regular maintenance man. He loved playing with his own bike as well. He has a little Red Radio Flyer Trike. He road that all over the place, not an inch left uncovered.
He also had tons of attention lathered all over him. My grandma delighted in taking him on walks. My dad took him to the general store for ice cream, more than once. He was treated to smores, cookies, apple crisp...my family has a sweet tooth apparently. My cousins took him to the park several times a day.
Nap? Who needs a nap? I figured naps wouldn't be happening, i was prepared for a crab cake. But the little feller was more than happy to have his head hit the pillow for a little mid afternoon R&R. Everyone took their turns wearing him out. Thank you!
Thank you for everyone who took the time to make sure I enjoyed my camping trip. My parents, my grandparents, my aunts & uncles, my cousins, niece. Also Thank you little man, Thank you Colton John Wildhorse for making my camping trip so special.