Thursday, March 27, 2008

All That I need is the Air That I Breathe and to Love You

Being a first time mom I feel that there are 2 different scenarios that can play out when he is sick.
  1. I wait a day to make sure he is really sick. Who wants to be the mom that takes the kiddo into the Dr for every little sniffle.
  2. Take the kiddo in for every sniffle.

I opted for scenario number 1.

My son had a 102 temperature and an ear infection. I should try to be mom #2.

I stayed home with the little feller today. When he wasn't fussy, he sat with me in the chair all cuddled up in his lovey. He was content to sit and watch TV and be loved by me. He would look up at me every so often. Missing was the joy and happiness from his eyes. It was replaced with an even better reward, a look that said, thank-you mommas for loving me.

That's all I need in life.

Monday, March 24, 2008

If it is going to happen to someone, it will happen to me

I decided to join a mommy and me group. Shane is thinking I am crazy. I already serve on an artist panel and 2 sub groups for this organization. I also belong to 2 other artist groups in the area. I also participate with an on line FTM group through The BabyCenter.
I want to join this group so that Colt Wildhorse can play with other children and so that I have some interaction with other mothers.
I went to my first meetup today at the mall. I was the only one who went to my first meetup at the mall. Shane made the comment, "this stuff always happens to you". This kinda of thing does "always happen to me". I think that things happen to me because I am putting myself out there to meet and be met, to discover and be discovered, to feel and be felt. Plus let's face it, i am a total unorganized, spontaneous, cluts. I don't always have all the facts or everything worked out. I just love to experience things however they tend to go about.
Here is my lesson learned. I enjoyed the early afternoon with my kiddo. I loved seeing how interested in color and scents he was. How he loved to watch the people pass by. How he wanted to look up at me so that I could see his joy and happiness. Life is REALLY what you make it.
BTW-I will try to attend another meetup before I quit the group.

Friday, March 21, 2008

hodge podge

When all the creatures say, "May we live joyfully?"Mother Nature says, "Yes! And you need never fear death, for it is a re-emergence into the pure joy of Spirit."----->I forget where in the world I received this quote, but I love it. It contributes to the essence of my being.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

3rd Nipple

Anyone who knows me well, knows that my brother is my best friend. Buddy has been dating Anna for 3 years now and I love her as much as I love my brother. About a month ago my brother proposed and now they are engaged.
Here is an excerpt from a recent conversation.
Anna: "Do you want to be the Maid of Honor or the best Man?"
Me: " I need a special title, like the 3rd nipple."
Anna (rolling her eyes): "the 3rd nipple?"
Buddy: "I want a cool title like that."
His suggestions are not appropriate for this blog
Anna is still rolling her eyes.