Thursday, May 29, 2008

There is a Comedian in the House

This morning as I was getting my soon to be 1 year old dressed, I asked him to put his legs in his shorts. Something we have done every morning for about 3 weeks now. He started out just letting me show him how and within a few days was lifting his legs up for me, then a few days later putting his feet through the legs. Smart boy.

Even smarter boy

As I asked him to put his legs in his shorts this morning however, he leaned forward and stuck his arms through the legs. He sat up and waved his arms, with his shorts on them, all around. He laughed uncontrollably as he did this.

My 1 year old actually tried to play a joke with momma.

As I laughed, I cried.

Would you complain if they hung you with a new rope?

My Mother was given some free movie tickets to view the Indiana Jone's flick. She reserved 5 seats for Shane & I, my niece, my brother and Anna. Not only did this group supply us with free movie tickets, they also gave is a $10 gift card to spend on concessions. Of coarse, it was a sell out crowd.

Would you be grateful? I was.

The lady, picking her pants out of her butt in front of me, however, was not. This is what she had to say to her partner.

"I can't believe this isn't better organized. There aren't enough concession people. This is such a debacle. The lines are just ridiculous. I have been standing in 2 different lines for 10 minutes." A few other rude words to the poor teenager behind the counter about her "slow" service.

This is the type of person who would complain about being hung with a new rope. The type of person who also probably complains about her food stamps, medicare, and her welfare checks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Favorite Whole in the Wall...Maybe Baby

Last night we decided to order sausage rolls from our favorite local "hole in the wall"-our prebaby favorite "whole in the wall".

I wanted to spend time with my brother before he takes of for his ARMY Leadership training, 50 days in Seattle. After several 3 way phone conversations we decide to order sausage rolls and gather at my brothers pad. We were looking forward to some of our favorite food, drinks, and games. We didn't have to worry about the kiddo, he could come along, play, eat, and sleep.

My husband ordered 4 specialty sausage rolls. I would pick up the kiddo on my way home and then stop at the pizza joint.

The only problem is that this favorite yocal local is a bar. Yes, a bar. I park, get the kiddo out, and lock the car. I enter the establishment and walk up to the front counter to get my carryout order. The waitress promptly and rudely let's me know that "This is a bar, YOU CAN"T BRING A BABY IN A BAR". It suddenly dawns on me, I have my 1 year old in a bar. It is just the front entrance, I am technically not at the bar. I just want my carry out.

"Well, can I just get my order so that I can leave?"
"You can't have a baby in a bar"
"Yes, you said that, can I just quickly get my carryout and go?"
"Your gonna have to take him out to the car and come back"
"Ummm...No, I will not leave my baby in the car and come back in. Is there a manager?"
"You can't bring a baby in a bar."
"You've explained that, I actually could have paid for my order by now and left. Is there a manager?"
"Just a moment" She goes to get the bartender.

Bartender, "I am sorry but You will need to go drop off the kid and come back."
"If I am leaving, I will not be back to pick up my $45 worth of sausage rolls. Ridiculous, I could have had the order and be home by now"
"Then we will not allow you to place another carryout order."

At this point I am sweating, Colton is getting antsy, and I just really want to leave. I am also thinking, "well since you are all so obviously the brightest bulbs in the box, what will stop me from ordering again under a different name and having my husband pick them up."

Did I get the carry out order? Yes.

Is there a lesson here? Probably. I am still pondering the event. I am thinking that being a momma now, things have changed. Things are no longer as simple, things take more time, more planning, more help. And, in a moment, without notice any sort of planning can go right out the window and be, "just that simple".

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Liquid Dinner Crashers

Tonight was girl's night out. Anna and I had plans to meet for margarita's at a local Mexican joint. The place was even within walking distance from both of our homes. Catch my drift?

Then my mom wants to come out for dinner. We hadn't planned on eating anything but the free chips, we could only afford to drink. Liquid dinner. What the heck, mom will pay, she can come.

I get home from work, assess the family situation, and see if the husbands in a good mood to make sure he has no problem putting the little feller to bed. He mentions that he talked to my mom and we are not going to the Mexican place we are now going for burgers. And my dad is also coming along.

Liquid dinner turned into family dinner before my very eyes. So I pack the kiddo a diaper bag and pack the family in the car. I traded in my late, drunken, girls night for a family dinner, tea, and home by 8:30.

I put the little man down for the night, sat in my chair, and smiled as I realized just how satisfied and fulfilled I feel being a family woman.

Monday, May 12, 2008

This afternoon I talked my mom into watching the little feller for me while I attended a meeting. I asked Shane to pick up Colton on his way home, because Colton was ON HIS way home. Shane comes home with no Colton in sight. You see Shane talked my mom into keeping him a while longer and bringing him to us.

It suddenly dawns on me, this is the first time I have been home without the kiddo. I wasn't sure which chore to conquer first and maybe if I worked really fast I could finish all the deeds I had been putting off for months. Dusting, washing floors, getting into the corners, washing windows, cleaning out the fridge, pulling weeds and fixing the flower gardens, sweeping the porch, changing sheets, sweeping the furniture, and the list goes on. I was the cleaning Nazi.

Then it hits me, why didn't I just relax?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Was it Dione Warwick? "That's What Friends Are For"

How many really great friends have you had in your lifetime? I am lucky, I had best friends while growing up and as an adult, although friends may come and go, I still have a few of those very best childhood friends.
They seem to be the best kind of friends. The kind where you may not talk for a month, but when you find the time again there is no awkward silence or hurt feelings, just a silent understanding. They know your history and never judge, just listen when listening is needed and offer advice when asked. They can sit in comfortable silence with you when you don't feel like being alone.
My friend Abby, has been that friend since we were 3 years old. We have had times when we were the best of friends and times when we had other "best"friends. Times when we grew apart because of boyfriends or different interests. Times when one or the other moved away and we each developed other friendships. And times when we are at different places in our lives and the road takes us further apart. We always find our way back to the same ol' friendship. I am sure that is what qualifies her as my BEST friend.
These are just a few of my "best" Friends:
2nd grade: Nicci
3rd grade: Rita
4th grade: Joy and Christi and Becky
5th grade: Rachel
6th Grade: Erin
7th Grade: Erin and Abby
8th Grade: Erin and Abby
9th Grade: Erin, Melissa, Trine, Abby, Cassi, Tisha....well we hung in groups and I played sports with a ton of girls
10th grade: Melissa, Abby, Tara
11th Grade: Dede
12th Grade: Melissa

College: Lanette

After college: lanette, Abby, Sesha

And now I have my FTM's Best friends. I hear(well read) the term IRL, In Real life. But these ladies are in my real life. I had a great opportunity to meet several of them recently. I wish we didn't all live so far apart. But the Internet and texting keeps us so close.

In the mean time, I have Abby who is always here and waiting on me.