Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Camper

Camping for a week has left me feeling recharged! I am feeling more motivated and ready to take on the world...bring it.
I have been happier, more adjusted, more patient, energized, and I am even sleeping better at night, which is leaving me feeling well rested all day long. I am waking up feeling very satisfied with the status of my life and my family. I am more in love with my baby boy and my incredible husband.
People often look confused when I tell them I live in Ft. Wayne in the Northside neighborhood. A nice neighborhood, even quaint. However, I work in Leo, Indiana, my hometown. In the last 10 years this has become a very affluent suburb of The Fort.
Living as we do, in a quaint home, in a quaint neighborhood we are able to afford to work in our beloved low paying careers. We are able to afford our treasured camper, which gave us the renewed love for OUR life.

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=) said...

I want nothing more than to be able to take Murph "home" and raise him in the same area and way I was raised. So I can totally relate. I always feel more peaceful when I'm there!