Friday, August 29, 2008

The love of my life, my son, Colt Wildhorse. He is just beginning to make his own decisions. I try to support the deiscions or show him the path ones. I think they call this redirection.

Last night my son decided he wanted to wear his flip flops. The kind that go between his toes and have an ankle strap on the back for toddlers. He hated these a few weeks ago. He has been intrigued by them for about a week now. He wore one flip flop all night, falling down about every 5 steps. He only wanted one on, he wanted it one his left foot, and he did not want to take it off.

I decided this wasn't a horrible decision, actually it made me snicker all night long.

He wouldn't even let me take it off when I laid down the half asleep little feller in his crib. Colton John Wildhorse Perfect slept with one flip flop on ALL night. And I loved it!


Robyn said...

THAT is precious!! Thanks for the smile. :)

Tara @ Feels like home said...

So cute! I love that they are becoming independent little creatures. I imagine that Grace often wants to tell me, "Momma, can I do it myself, PLEASE!" you know, not really as a question, but more as a statement. Our babies are getting big, big, big.

=) said...

Murph definitely has a mind of his own, and even if he doesn't get his point accross with words, we are finding out more and more what it is that he wants! He's taken to trying to wear our shoes around. LOVE it!